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ThermPH+ Innovation Award Finalist at JEC World 2020 In france

Passive House Certified Curtain Wall

ThermPH+ features:

  1. World's first curtain wall certified to PHI Cold Climate criteria (0.6 W/m2K - R9.5)
  2. First North American curtain wall to be PHI-certified
  3. 100% made in Canada
  4. Lower carbon impact than PHI-certified systems imported from Europe/Asia  (60% reduction)
  5. Better thermal performance than PHI-certified systems imported from Europe/Asia (25% improvement)
  6. Shorter lead times than PHI-certified systems imported from Europe/Asia
  7. More budget-friendly than PHI-certified systems imported from Europe/Asia

You can find our PHI certificate in the Passive House Component Database. You'll note that ThermPH+ also receives a phA+ rating for Passive House efficiency class, which relates to thermal bridge loss coefficients. All U-values are calculated per EN ISO 10077-2.

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Buildings account for 75% of all energy consumption in North America. Leveraging new materials, ThermPH+ delivers beautiful, low-carbon, high-performance building envelopes that improve occupant comfort while reducing environmental impact, reducing energy costs, and making better use of limited resources.

GlasCurtain is an innovator in the field of curtain wall framing, leveraging advances in Thermoset Polyester Fibreglass-Reinforced Plastic (TP-FRP) seeking to improve the world we live in through quality research and development. 

Did you know that our first project ever was the Passive Penthouse at Cambridge Lofts in Edmonton, AB, Canada in 2011 ?

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