The future is fibreglass

Our fibreglass-framed curtain wall systems offer architects the most advanced and innovative curtain wall system in the world. Only from Canada. Only from GlasCurtain.

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Build better, for today and tomorrow

Decrease the carbon footprint of your building

Improve energy savings and embodied sustainability with fibreglass. Our fibreglass-framed triple-glazed curtain wall systems produce less than half the embodied carbon of aluminum.

Tell a story with your building

Get people talking about your new building. From your carbon footprint to the locally-sourced materials and your unique architecture and design – make your building memorable from the start.

Meet and exceed building codes

All GlasCurtain curtain wall products are designed to streamline building code approvals and meet stringent Energy Step Codes, LEED, LBC, WELL, and Passive House requirements.

Keep your project locally sourced

Reduce the risk of project delays due to overseas supply chain disruptions. GlasCurtain products are 100% Canadian made and we work with Installation Partners across Canada to bring your building to life.

What our customers are saying

Our story

Why isn’t curtain wall framing improving?

That was the question we started asking ourselves in 2008. Glazing technology improved dramatically in recent decades, but when we looked at framing technology, we still saw the same conventional, highly conductive aluminum systems we’ve been using since the 1950s. With envelope performance metrics and carbon targets driving more construction projects, every thermal bridge matters. And aluminum-framed curtain wall systems (and balcony slabs, but one thing at a time), struggle to deliver the thermal performance today’s building codes demand.

We found a better way

Rethinking aluminum-framed curtain wall systems could never come from “inside the box,” it could only come from a Canadian manufacturer with experience in innovative materials – materials time-tested for endurance in some of the world’s harshest climates. So we focused our research and development on TP-FRP (AKA “fibreglass”), a low-carbon material with thermal performance characteristics unmatched by any metal.

Bringing fibreglass-framed curtain wall systems to the world

In 2013, after five years of R&D, we commercially launched the world’s highest thermally performing curtain wall system at Greenbuild in Philadelphia. Leveraging the latest advances in pultrusion and glazing technology, we set a new bar for new materials in the industry.

Today, GlasCurtain continues to manufacture the most advanced curtain wall systems in the world. Featuring industry-leading thermal performance, impressive strength, incredible tactile warmth, and reduced carbon footprint, Thermaframe is the sustainable choice for architects seeking to build a better tomorrow.

GlasCurtain believes in a better tomorrow. Together, we’re building a future that’s more sustainable, more resilient, more comfortable, and more beautiful.

Peter Dushenski, Managing Director

Pioneering the field of curtain wall systems


Thermaframe 9 PH is the world’s first curtain wall certified to PHI Cold Climate criteria (0.6 W/m2K – R9.5).


GlasCurtain is the only curtain wall company in North America with a Passive House certified system.


GlasCurtain fibreglass-framed systems offer the best thermal performance and lowest environmental impact in the world.

Build a better tomorrow

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