Thermaframe 8

Previously Therm VIG

Product description

Leverages Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) for low to mid-rise buildings that require exceptional thermal performance, but do not need Passive House certification.

Features and benefits
  • Ultra-high thermal performance
  • R8 Overall, frame and glass (0.70 W/m2·K/0.12 Btu/ft2·F)
  • Exclusively triple-glazed
  • Improved thermal comfort for occupants and tenants
  • Fully-captured (pressure plates on all four sides of glass) for optimal wind load resistance, dead load capacity, and air/water penetration resistance
  • Available with two-sided structural silicone exterior finish (vertical or horizontal)
  • Compatible with operable vents
  • Tested to ASTM, CSA, AAMA, CAN/ULC, and NFPA requirements
  • Manufactured, fabricated, and designed in Canada
    • Thermal: R8 Overall, frame and glass (0.70 W/m2·K/0.12 Btu/ft2·F)
    • Wind load:
      • 2.5m (h) x 2.0m (w) at 1.5 kPa with 6″ back section: 1.5m (w) x 4.7m (h) frame size with 1.5kPa
    • Fire-tested option available (CAN and US)
    • Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) back body
    • Fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) pressure plate
    • Aluminum anodized snap cap (vanity cap)
    • Extruded silicone or EPDM gaskets
    • EPDM corner blocks
    • PVC anti-rotation (spacer) channels
    • Aluminum spigots (T-connectors)
    • Steel reinforcing members as required
    • (Optional) Structural silicone joint on two sides of glass
    • Back body (interior) paint colours: White, light grey, dark grey as standard. Custom paint finishes available
    • Snap cap (exterior): Clear anodized aluminum as standard. Custom finishes and custom cap design available
    • Due to the use of Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG), the glass unit size is currently limited to 2.5m (h) x 2.0m (w) and there are very small stainless steel vacuum pillars that are visible up close
    • Designed for IGU with 34mm (1.34”) overall thickness
    • Curtain wall must be installed perpendicular (90 degrees) to the floor plate
    • Curtain walls must be reviewed for structural and load requirements

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