Episode 9 – Ken Levenson (Passive House Network) – Curtain Wall Conversations

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February 6, 2024

In Episode 9 of Curtain Wall Conversations, we’re thrilled to welcome Ken Levenson, Executive Director at Passive House Network and a pivotal figure in the world of sustainable architecture. Ken earned his Bachelor or Architecture from Pratt Institute and brings over two decades of architectural experience from his tenure in New York City. His career took a significant turn towards sustainability after embracing the Passive House concept in 2009, leading to his certification as a Passive House Designer. 

Ken has played a pivotal role in advancing Passive House standards through founding New York Passive House, the National Passive House Alliance, and NAPHN. His contributions to energy efficiency standards, including advisory roles for Urban Green’s 90 by 50 report and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, highlight his broad impact. With a career that merges architectural practice, advocacy, and education, Ken brings invaluable insights into sustainable building design and Passive House evolution. Welcome, Ken. 

This episode delves into critical topics at the heart of sustainable design:

  • The unique advantages of Passive House standards over other sustainability initiatives
  • Adapting Passive House principles to various geographical conditions
  • The critical role of public policy in promoting sustainable building practices, highlighted by New York City’s Local Law 97
  • A closer look at the Winthrop Centre in Boston, the world’s largest commercial Passive House building
  • The significance of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) as a tool for architects
  • The crucial conversation around embodied carbon and its impact on the environment
  • And so much more!

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