SSRIA Approves Funding For New Installation of ThermVig (Now Thermaframe 8)

By GlasCurtain Inc. | News

November 9, 2020

Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) has approved funding for building envelope upgrades at Concordia University of Edmonton’s (CUE) upcoming New Academic Building (NAB), one of the first three projects as part of SSRIA’s Green Building Technology Network (GBTN) program.

The upgrades at CUE will leverage GlasCurtain’s ThermVIG (now Thermaframe 8) fibreglass-framed curtain wall system with R15 Vacuum-Insulated Glass (VIG), resulting in a transparent envelope that’s an incredible 300% more efficient than the minimum requirements of Alberta’s Energy Code.

ThermVIG leverages fibreglass-framing and VIG for incredible thermal performance, with a current target of Ucw = 0.61 W/m2K – R9.3 overall.

“An enlightened design by Manasc Isaac, NAB is an incredible opportunity to showcase Alberta’s continued Cleantech Innovations,” said GlasCurtain Managing Director Peter Dushenski. “ThermVIG will provide CUE with the world’s best thermal performance and the world’s lowest carbon impact ever installed. This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking technology we need to hit our municipal, provincial, national, and global emissions targets. The future is well and truly here.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new project!


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