Video: Embodied Carbon

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

November 24, 2020

Now that leaders in the construction industry have a better grasp of Operational Carbon (OC) as it relates to new buildings, the coming decades will reveal the amount of work we have left to do with Embodied Carbon (EC). The work continues in our drive to Net-Zero!

1. So what is EC and how does fibreglass-framed curtain wall have a competitive advantage?
2. How will OC impacts compare to EC in the decades ahead?
3. What is the Carbon payback period for upgrading to a high-performance facade?
4. Where’s the biggest bang for the buck in reducing EC in construction?
5. How does Therm (now Thermaframe) stack up to conventional aluminum-framed curtain walls in terms of EC?
6. What accreditation bodies and jurisdictions are focusing on EC?

All this and more in our new video, the fourth instalment in our new series. Now available on Vimeo and YouTube!


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