Video: The Past, Present, and Future of Curtain Wall

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

June 18, 2020

More distant than usual though we all are right now, the digital world blessedly allows us to communicate almost as if we were in the same room together.

With this in mind, today GlasCurtain is publishing the first in a new video series. Each new video will help you to better understand the context of our innovations and how we can help you to design more durable, more sustainable, and more beautiful buildings.

The first video is a broad yet concise overview of 20th and 21st century modern architecture with a focus on materials entitled The Past, Present, and Future of Curtain Wall.It’s a TED Talk length (17-minutes) and gives context to the innovation that is our R9.5 Fibreglass-Framed Curtain Wall, as well as Curtain Wall more generally.

Whether watching from your office, home office, or sunny park bench, you can enjoy the video now on Vimeo and YouTube, where you can watch (and rewatch) at your leisure.

Coming soon in this new video series, we’ll explore a variety of topics including Combustibility, Embodied Carbon, FRP Manufacturing, Passive House, LEED, Interpreting U-value charts, and more. If you have other suggestions for videos you’d like to see, please email Peter.

Hope to see you all again soon!

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