Why are GlasCurtain Systems Exclusively Triple Glazed?

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

March 6, 2015

We’re often asked the question, why don’t we make a fibreglass curtain wall frame for double-glazed systems ? It’s a much bigger part of the market than triple-glazed, isn’t it ?

While this is true, there’s a very good reason why GlasCurtain doesn’t compete in that market, sizeable though it may be. It’s simple : when it comes to double-glazed systems, the glazing is the weakest part of the thermal envelope, not the frame !

Only when using triple-glazed systems does the aluminum frame become the weakest part of the thermal envelope. So that’s what GlasCurtain does : we improve the weakest link in the system. Since we only produce frames, and since frames aren’t the weakest link in double-glazed systems, we leave that market to the aluminum guys.

As we see with the thermal images above, in triple-glazed systems, GlasCurtain’s fibreglass frame makes an enormous difference. In fact, we put both fibreglass and aluminum frames to the test and found that¬†our fibreglass frame is a 200% better insulator, minimizing thermal bridging, improving occupant comfort, and reducing stress on HVAC systems.

The size of the triple-glazed market has never been bigger and it’s growing larger every day. It’s the clear way forward for curtain wall. Just as the double-glazed market overtook the single-glazed market, so too will the triple-glazed market overtake today’s leader, the double-glazed market.

That’s really why GlasCurtain is exclusively triple-glazed : we’re tomorrow’s curtain wall company.

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