Wind Load Charts

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

December 5, 2013

When we attended the Greenbuild 2013 Expo in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, given the material nature of fiberglass composite, we were understandably asked about GlasCurtain’s structural integrity.“Can composite really be as strong as aluminum?”

[Span Tables]

These charts say it all. From a pure strength perspective, GlasCurtain can have vertical spans just as long as aluminum systems like the Kawneer 7500.

However, from a practical perspective, since aluminum spans have to be rendered corrosion resistant in anodizing tanks that are typically no more than 6 metres in length, GlasCurtain, being naturally corrosion resistant, achieves spans that are 50% longer than  aluminum systems. This means long, clean lines and fewer stacking or tower joints.

So how did we answer Greenbuilders? With a resounding “Yes!”

It’s no wonder that the second most asked question at the Expo was:

“Why hasn’t anyone done this before?”

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