Cambridge Lofts Penthouse

In 2011, our very first project was completed at the New Cambridge Lofts (NCL) building in downtown Edmonton. From a humble mechanical shed on the 19th floor of this converted condominium building was birthed a retro-futuristic two-bedroom penthouse apartment. This mid-century-modern-influenced penthouse was also entirely passively ventilated, meaning that there was no HVAC system, which was only possible thanks to the incredible building envelope. With just the radiant heat from the lower floors, the penthouse was completely comfortable down to -20°C! When the temperatures dip below that (as they sometimes do in Edmonton winters), there are two fireplaces installed to ensure the occupants remain comfortable. This innovative and award-winning project was designed by Reimagine Architects (formerly Manasc Isaac).

  • Building Type:


  • Location:

    Edmonton AB

  • Architect:

    Reimagine Architects (formerly Manasc Isaac)

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