Cambridge Lofts Penthouse

GlasCurtain proudly unveiled our very first project in 2011 at the New Cambridge Lofts (NCL) in downtown Edmonton. What was once a modest mechanical shed on the 19th floor of this repurposed condominium transformed into a retro-futuristic, two-bedroom penthouse with distinct mid-century modern influences.

Remarkably, the penthouse thrives without an HVAC system, relying solely on passive ventilation—a testament to the superior building envelope. The radiant heat from the lower floors alone keep the penthouse comfortably warm even at temperatures as low as -20°C. On the chillier days Edmonton is known for, two fireplaces ensure warmth and comfort for occupants. This groundbreaking and award-winning design is the brainchild of Reimagine Architects, previously known as Manasc Isaac.

  • Building Type:


  • Location:

    Edmonton AB

  • Architect:

    Reimagine Architects (formerly Manasc Isaac)

  • Year of completion: