Carleton University Engineering Design Centre

In 2022, the Mackenzie Building at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, opened its new Engineering Design Centre (EDC). This his 25,000-square-foot hub, designed in a collaborative effort by Diamond Schmitt (DSAI) and KWC Architects, is dedicated to fourth-year undergraduate students, offering them an exclusive space for their capstone projects. Manufactured in Canada, Thermaframe offers a glazing option with less than half the embodied carbon of standard aluminum framing, aligning seamlessly with Carleton’s guiding values of accessibility, sustainability, and aesthetics.

The GlasCurtain team visited Ottawa for a guided building tour to showcase the building’s standout attributes and introduce the project to local firms. Project architect Arne Suraga from Diamond Schmitt hosted an engaging virtual tour of the newly-finished structure, during which he detailed the design and construction challenges encountered and highlighted the innovative strategies applied to address them!

  • Building Type:


  • Location:

    Ottawa ON

  • Architect:

    Diamond Schmitt (DSAI) and KWC Architects

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