Métis Crossing Boutique Lodge

The Metis Crossing Boutique Lodge is a 40-room hotel that offers scenic views and history about the Metis culture. Reimagine Architects (formerly Manasc Isaac) designed the building to be a celebration of culture, education, gathering, and the contributions of the Metis people within Alberta and Canada as a whole. Remagine and Metis Crossing also wanted to maximize the sustainability of the lodge. GlasCurtain’s fibreglass-framed curtain wall helps with this by providing excellent thermal performance, thus reducing the need to actively control the temperature of the building with an HVAC system. This lodge is almost complete, and is expected to have its first guests in 2022.

  • Building Type:


  • Location:

    Metis Crossing AB

  • Architect:

    Reimagine Architects (formerly Manasc Isaac)

  • Year of completion: