OAHS – Thunder Bay Youth Transitional Housing Development

Set to begin soon, the Thunder Bay Youth Transitional Housing Development, a collaboration between Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services, Form Studio Architects, and Two Row Architect, aims to transform the lives of 58 young individuals battling addiction. This project goes beyond public housing, integrating education, employment, and life skills training to create a sustainable, supportive environment.

Opting for a high-performance glazing system like Thermaframe reflects the project’s commitment to a sustainable, supportive, and comfortable environment, directly addressing the occupants’ needs while fostering their future employment and development. This holistic approach highlights the dedication to improving the well-being and resilience of vulnerable youth, establishing a benchmark for recovery-focused housing and positively impacting the community.

  • Building Type:


  • Location:

    Thunder Bay ON

  • Architect:

    Form Studio Architects and Two Row Architect

  • Product Used:

    Thermaframe 7

  • Year of completion: