Saputo Processing Facility and Offices

GlasCurtain marked a milestone in 2021, with our first industrial solution for Saputo’s new milk processing facility and corporate offices in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. With a budget of $240 million, this ambitious project was undertaken with the goal of better serving the growing Western Canadian dairy market. This expansive facility boasts over 350,000 square feet of interior space, much of which is for the processing facility.

GlasCurtain’s fibreglass-framed curtain wall systems emerged as the optimal solution for this project, especially in the high-maintenance processing zones. The stringent cleaning procedures mandated by national hygiene regulations made aluminum framing unsuitable, as it would corrode under such conditions. The sole alternative to fibreglass was stainless steel framing, which would not only have been more expensive but also isn’t produced in Canada. This building was designed by TKA+D and completed in 2021.

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    Port Coquitlam BC

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