Announcing: Thermaframe

By Sean | Blog

June 20, 2022

As you may already know, since GlasCurtain commercially launched in 2013, we’ve been steadily increasing our number of systems and their capabilities, ensuring that our fibreglass-framed curtain walls can be used on as many different building types as possible. Now, almost a decade after our launch, having accumulated a wide variety of different products, it’s time to simplify and clarify. So for 2022, we’re formally launching the next evolution of GlasCurtain: Thermaframe.

Thermaframe is an exciting new family of systems that, over the course of this year, we’re transitioning to replace our pre-existing “Therm” family of systems. By 2023, we expect to be fully moved over to Thermaframe. In this video, we take this opportunity to dig into Thermaframe a little bit more so that architects, designs, specifiers, and installers can know what to expect in the coming months and years from GlasCurtain. If you’re in the design stage of a high-performance institutional project now, you’ll want to include Thermaframe today!

Want to learn more about each system? Click on the system you would like to learn more about: Thermaframe 7, Thermaframe 8, Thermaframe 9 PH

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