GlasCurtain Gains Ground As Aluminum Prices Soar

Ask anyone: construction costs are rising. Materials, labour, you name it, it's going up.

But not all equally.

Take Kawneer: a division of aluminum leviathan Alcoa, they're the biggest curtain wall manufacturer on the continent. So much so that, in the construction industry, "Kawneer" is synonymous with curtain wall framing. For a company of their size, you would think that with all their global connections and networks that they could stem the tide of price inflation better than anyone else. And yet...

And yet, just today, Kawneer announced that they're increasing their North American prices by a whopping 6% as of October 15, 2014.

Thankfully, not all material costs are rising with such... vigour. While costs for metals are soaring, costs for composites, like those used to manufacture GlasCurtain's fiberglass composite framing, are flat as a board.

What does this mean for your next curtain wall project?

It means that whereas our fiberglass composite framing previously cost the same as Kawneer 7500, GlasCurtain is now less expensive than the competition, while still offering 5-10% energy savings, 50% less expansion, and 40-60% less embodied energy.


GlasCurtain: raising the bar in quality, not cost.


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