God’s In The Details

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

June 19, 2014

God, said Mies, is in the details. But he’s not the only one, just ask Dennis Cuku.

What you see here are drawing details for the GlasCurtain framing system set to be installed in The Mosaic Centre for Conscious and Community Living later this summer. Located in Edmonton, the Mosaic Centre is one of the most ambitious projects Alberta has ever seen – it’s aiming to be the first net-zero commercial building in the province. Additionally, The Mosaic Centre is aiming for LEED Platinum and Living Building Challenge certification. They’re not messing around!

To make the Mosaic Centre as airy and inviting as possible, Co-founder Dennis Cuku and his team knew they needed a curtain wall system for their new centre. But which system could rise to the challenge without breaking the bank?

GlasCurtain, of course!

These drawing details, pulled right from the Mosaic project, give you an idea of the versatility that we have in our design. Note that our system is available in two configurations: capped (seen above) and externally glazed/SSG (seen below).

Versatility, high performance, and lower environmental impact… a pretty divine combination, wouldn’t you say?

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