GlasCurtain enters Atlantic Canada with Geo Glass partnership

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

April 16, 2015


GlasCurtain is proud to announce that Geo Glass & Aluminum of Newfoundland is our newest Installation Partner!

Joining forces with such an established and respected firm is a huge confidence builder and a testament to our early successes with projects like The Mosaic Centre. Opening up Atlantic Canada to fibreglass composite curtain wall framing creates new opportunities for architects and designers who would otherwise be limited to oxidation-prone aluminum products.

Speaking of oxidation, this seems like the perfect opportunity to explore an aspect of GlasCurtain’s framing material that we haven’t previously touched upon: that of its inherent corrosion resistance. Corrosion has always been an issue for aluminum and steel products, and while anodizing can help to prevent oxidization of the underlying material, inevitable imperfections, nicks, or scratches lead to unsightly spots and streaks. Fibreglass is, by its material nature, quite immune from this.

While other Canadian markets by and large choose fibreglass frames for their thermal efficiency and thermal stability, the high moisture and high salinity environment of Atlantic Canada allows an altogether different aspect of GlasCurtain to shine. As the only curtain wall frame that doesn’t require, much less need, anodizing, because it simply cannot rust, we expect there to be significant interest from this new market.

To paraphrase that old call to action, onwards and eastwards!

(For more information regarding bidding in Atlantic Canada, please contact George Hoyles  of Geo Glass.)

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