Going To The Next Level? Reinforce!

By GlasCurtain Inc. | Blog

November 13, 2015

“When speccing GlasCurtain for mid-rise applications, what effect does reinforcing have on thermal performance?” 

This is a great question! Upon first learning about GlasCurtain, architects, designers, and specifiers regularly ask us about the height and strength parameters of our fibreglass framing (for which, see: wind load charts). Their next concern is the thermal impact of reinforcing, which is fully appreciated and the reason that we tasked our technical team with modelling exactly this condition.

As you can clearly see in the thermal diagram above-right, the high-strength steel C-channel in the larger of the two cavities in the GlasCurtain mullion is almost completely thermally isolated. As a result, our fibreglass curtain wall system is reinforced without thermal penalty (see diagram below of unreinforced mullion and compare!)

The incredible thermal performance of the fibreglass neck and shoulders of the GlasCurtain profile do most of the work to minimise the thermal impact, thus ensuring that the back-section remains warm to the touch, allowing you to take your project to the next level without compromising occupant comfort, or energy efficiency!

Being 35% less conductive than conventional aluminum systems, GlasCurtain’s fibreglass system maintains its performance edge no matter the size of your next project.

Welcome to the next level.

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