Manitoba Hydro Boosts GlasCurtain Value

As of July 14, 2014 Manitoba Hydro is offering an Incentive Factor of $150/m2/U for curtain wall systems in electrically-heated buildings with overall U-factors less than 1.70 W/m2/°C.

This is big news for GlasCurtain as our overall U-factor for our fiberglass composite curtain wall framing is only 0.85W/m2-K (0.15Btu/·ft2·F)!

So what does that mean in dollars and cents?

Using Manitoba Hydro's example estimate from their Commercial Building Envelope Program Guide, let's take a look at how much you can expect to save on your next project : 

Manitoba Hydro's example is based on a Spandrel U-factor of 1.2, so when we plug in the GlasCurtain U-factor of 0.62 and hold everything else constant, the estimated incentive amount jumps from $66,600 to $102,600 - an increase of $36,000 or 54%! 

This is in addition to the 5-10% energy cost savings and LEED v4 points that GlasCurtain already delivers - and, as ever, at a cost that's highly competitive with aluminum systems.

If you're speccing curtain wall on a retrofit project in Manitoba, there's never been a better time to choose composite. For more information on GlasCurtain fibreglass composite curtain wall frames in the Manitoba market, please contact our local Installation Partners.


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