New Project Showcase: Carleton University // Mackenzie Building Engineering Design Centre (EDC)

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October 25, 2023

With the academic year hitting its stride, it’s the perfect time to spotlight one of our most impressive new institutional projects: the new Engineering Design Centre at Carleton University in Ottawa! In this showcase video (above), we feature exclusive interviews with clients, designers, and contractors, and of course our own Managing Director. Watch now!

When Carleton University made the decision to expand its existing Mackenzie Building with the new Engineering Design Centre (EDC), they weren’t just looking for some run-of-the-mill building; they wanted a forward-looking facility that would embody their values: namely a beautiful and sustainable building featuring energy-efficient design principles, integrated seamlessly into the university’s landscape, and in conversation with existing neighbouring buildings. GlasCurtain proudly played a central role in realizing this vision with our Thermaframe 7 fibreglass-framed triple-glazed curtain wall system.

This showcase video features insights from key figures behind this project. Hear firsthand from:

  • Peter Dushenski – Managing Director at GlasCurtain
  • Arne Suraga – Project Architect at Diamond Schmitt
  • Mathieu Guay – Glazing Division Manager at Flynn Ottawa
  • Dre Marcus – Carleton Engineering PhD student
  • Brodie Hobson – Carleton Engineering PhD student

Unique Aspects of this Project:

  1. Size & Scope: Spanning 25,000 square feet, EDC was no minor undertaking. Diamond Schmitt (DSAI) and KWC Architects. carefully crafted a facility that would not only stand as an aesthetic icon but also serve as a beacon for sustainable construction.
  2. Bird-Friendly Glass: With an increasing focus on the avian impact of urban structures, we integrated a bird-friendly frit into the triple-glazed IGUs. This lends a distinctive appearance  to the facade and minimizes the building’s impact on our flighted, feathered friends.
  3. Thermal Performance: Leveraging Thermaframe 7, EDC boasts a 33% better envelope performance than code minimum, which translates to a consistent, comfortable, and efficient indoor environment even on Ottawa’s chilliest winter days.
  4. Air/Water Tightness: With an impressive 25% improvement in air and water tightness, Carleton University will reduce its energy demands and maintenance costs while improving long-term resiliency.
  5. Embodied Carbon: Thermaframe offers a dramatic reduction in embodied carbon – in fact 60% less than conventional aluminum framing – which reduces the upfront environmental impact of new construction.

Elevating EDC with Thermaframe

Given Ottawa’s cold and humid winters, buildings in Canada’s Capital City require envelope materials that can comfortably withstand these demanding conditions. Enter: Thermaframe. With fibreglass’s incredible thermal stability and thermal performance characteristics relative to aluminum, our Thermaframe systems offer unparalleled air and water tightness, as well as reduced heating and cooling demands, providing year-round comfort for students, staff, and teachers.

These attributes also afford architects greater freedom to expand the window-to-wall ratio, which ultimately allows for more daylight and better learning outcomes for students, as huge amounts of research have well demonstrated (and intuition supports). As a result, Thermaframe was the perfect solution for elevating the design of Carleton’s new Engineering Design Centre!

A Commitment to Educational Sustainability

For a large university like Carleton, emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainability is of paramount importance. Given the sheer scale of its operations, reducing energy use and improving durability leads to substantial operational savings, minimizing long-term budgetary constraints and redirecting funds towards academic and research endeavours.

Moreover, as an educational pillar, the university serves as a role model, demonstrating to students and the community the significance of environmental stewardship. Investing in energy-efficient infrastructure – like GlasCurtain’s Thermaframe 7 curtain wall system – ensures long-term operational savings while also strengthening the institution’s reputation as a leader in both beauty and sustainability. This in turn attracts globally-conscious students and faculty, solidifying Carleton’s commitment to a better tomorrow.

We hope you enjoy the showcase video! » YouTube Link «

And if you want an ever more in-depth design video with DSAI Project Architect Arne Suraga, we have that too😊

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