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Glascurtain Product Thermal System Data, Details, Specifications, and Reports

Triple-glazed, thermally broken fibreglass-framed curtain wall systems for low- and mid-rise commercial and institutional applications:

Therm134: R7.2 - 0.79 W/m2·K (0.14 Btu/ft2·F)
ThermVIG: R8.2 - 0.70 W/m2·K (0.12 Btu/ft2·F) 
ThermPH+: R8.5 - 0.67 W/m2·K (0.12 Btu/ft2·F)

Chart data showing thermal performance

Architectural Specifications (PDF/DOCX

Span Tables, Wind Load Charts (ZIP)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by Athena Institute for Sustainable Materials (PDF)

Health Product Declaration (HPD) by ToxServices LLC (PDF)

CAD files (Contact Us)

CAN/ULC-S134 Flame Spread Test

Therm134 Intertek Design Listing
Therm134 Intertek Directory Listing

Therm System Cut Sheets

Therm with standard 5.7" back section 
ThermXL with deeper 10" back section for taller spans
ThermSSG for use on two-sided structural silicone designs 
Therm134 for use on non-combustible buildings in Canada (now available!) 
ThermPH+ for use on Passive House buildings (now available!) 
ThermVIG for use with R15 Vacuum Insulated Glass (coming 2022)
Therm285 for use on non-combustible buildings in USA (coming 2022)

Download Cut Sheet Package (ENGLISH)  
Télécharger Paquet de Feuilles Coupées (FRANÇAIS)

Air & Water Tightness


Air Penetration Resistance Test Pressure = 300 Pa
Exfiltration: 2.21 m3/hr total (equivalent to 0.52 m3/hr/m2)
Infiltration: No air penetration observed.


Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressure = 720 Pa
Result: No water penetration observed.
Report by Building Envelope Engineering Inc.


Exterior Caps

Clear anodic finish

Interior Sections 

Standard factory-applied paint in white, light gray, or dark gray. Paint-to-sample available.

Compatible with operable windows

Typical Detail Downloads: 

HeadSillFlashed CornerExterior Door Spandrel Panel
JambSSGVertical-less CornerIntermediate AnchorOperable

Download All Details

Typical Detail:

Cross section image of typical frame and sealing


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